new video for Ed Sheeran

by pulse films. brilliant.

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Ben Newman for the desktop wallpaper project

if you’re not familiar with the desktop wallpaper project ? it’s pretty much get some great designers and illustrators to produce a weekly desktop wallpaper, a million miles away from the cesspit of most desktop wallpaper sites that have been plodding along since the days of millenium bug scaremongering in the late 90s. And offer something that might encourage you to clean up the blitz of files strewn across your desktop. This one below by Ben Newman is one of my most favoured of recent months.

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I recently bought an ice cream van print from Brighton based french illustrator Marine and thought i’d share the some of her work with you.

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beautiful swearwords dot com

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Adam Howling


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Kyle Bean model maker

Kyle uses an array of different materials to create his models like the chicken below made out of egg shells, and the pencil shaving portraits. Plus some of the work he did for Selfridges ‘transform’ window displays (the motorbike deconstructed scale).

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sweet GIFs dot com

it’s been around for quite a few years but as far as i’m aware i’ve never put it on here so i thought why not. Be warned though, it can give you a headache after a while.

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