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Loretta Schauer – illustration for kids

as a child my most favoured books were always ones that had the best illustrations pure and simple. The phrase ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ was sadly very much lost on me in my days as a story … Continue reading

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england abroad (USA).

Photos of town signs not too disimilar from some humble abodes this side of the pond. By Oli Kellett.

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top read.

read bradley wiggins 2010 tour diary over the holidays and would recommend it to anyone who has a snails horn of an interest in cycling or endurance sport. its concise and to the point, and gives you a real insight … Continue reading

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If Oscar Wilde did cooking programs.

I love watching¬†Masterchef “This, is ONNNNNE tough competition!”, and as each series goes by i am always astounded with the ingenious ways that Greg Wallace manages to articulate his food reviews. So seeming as i have once again slipped into … Continue reading

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Look at me I’m sooo creative.

It’s happened, i have become the person i often chuckle about in my most favoured blog ever – stuff white people like (if you aren’t familiar with? read it, its pure genius). Yes! after 2 years in advertising i now … Continue reading

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Profesional winderuppa.

I love this guy! A level of winding up for all of us to aspire to. If you haven’t read it before then do. Do not skim, do not skip, just read it from top to bottom. It’s worth it. … Continue reading

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Funny/disturbing psycho girl clearly hates Russell Brand.

I don’t know why people acting like nutters is amusing but i guess sometimes it just is! Earlier i found this girl (Jessica) replying to one of Russell Brand’s twitpics. She clearly has a longing to be tucked up in … Continue reading

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