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sucker for soccer by Zoran Lucic

these are absolutely unbelievable. Great work Zoran.   Advertisements

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Umbro Tee Shop

I’m generally rather impressed with most of the stuff that’s coming out of Umbro these days, and their Tee Shop is another example to justify it.

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just a generally cool bastard.

photo of georgie best outside his old boutique in manchester. i’m no doubt sure you could get suitably dolled up for a night of winkle pickered northern soul mod madness at george bests.

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every footy stadium in the land.

exhibition of Chris Olley’s quest to snap all 92 league teams over 2 years.

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Good goal.

The Premier League starts again on Saturday so all things football are back on the agenda after yet another World Cup to forget for an English supporter. And in being back to the forefront of my interests I’ve since rediscovered … Continue reading

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Ugliest football shirt ever?

Don’t get me wrong, as someone who used to collect football stickers as a nipper i’ve seen my fair share of horrific kits, but this shirt for the Caribous of Colorado from ’78 is pretty ugly. Yet on one hand … Continue reading

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Right Here Right Now = mental teleportation to Arsenal’s glory days.

It’s been a quiet day with the exception of a 15 minute tropical storm that just happened to coincide exactly with the 15 minutes that I rode to work, and secondly the tactical yet wrongful decision to skip the free … Continue reading

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