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cycling inspired art

James Straffon creates art around the classic stylistic elements that became the visual identity of the sport in the days of Merckx and Anquetil. Earlier in the summer a new line of his work was being exhibited at the Paul Smith store in … Continue reading

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urban downhill in chile, crazy.

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bikes with baselines.

designed and built in queens NY.  time for the eddy grant….

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Livestrong mash – awesome.

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Jekyll and Hyde.

reading Eben Weiss’s NYC bike snob feature in the guardian last week reminded me of this corker of a video (look down), which by all accounts pretty much sums up my cycling philosophy; one part ‘urban cyclist’ and one part … Continue reading

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The future of head gear.

£300 air bag helmet called the Hovding. This is a pretty interesting concept; hide an air bag in a collar that kind of looks like a scarf, fills up every time you have an accident, convinced? me neither. The testing videos doesn’t … Continue reading

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Bikes i likes.

Dario Pegoretti bikes. They’re expensive, they’re stunningly beautiful, they’re giving me criminal thoughts about how i acquire them.

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