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Jekyll and Hyde.

reading Eben Weiss’s NYC bike snob feature in the guardian last week reminded me of this corker of a video (look down), which by all accounts pretty much sums up my cycling philosophy; one part ‘urban cyclist’ and one part … Continue reading

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Swindled by nostalgia.

I love wham bars. Everyday on the way back from school I’d pick up one these bad boys, so you can imagine my wide eyed enthusiasm when a vacating office member most kindly brings in a box full of old, … Continue reading

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Ugliest football shirt ever?

Don’t get me wrong, as someone who used to collect football stickers as a nipper i’ve seen my fair share of horrific kits, but this shirt for the Caribous of Colorado from ’78 is pretty ugly. Yet on one hand … Continue reading

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Right Here Right Now = mental teleportation to Arsenal’s glory days.

It’s been a quiet day with the exception of a 15 minute tropical storm that just happened to coincide exactly with the 15 minutes that I rode to work, and secondly the tactical yet wrongful decision to skip the free … Continue reading

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Funny/disturbing psycho girl clearly hates Russell Brand.

I don’t know why people acting like nutters is amusing but i guess sometimes it just is! Earlier i found this girl (Jessica) replying to one of Russell Brand’s twitpics. She clearly has a longing to be tucked up in … Continue reading

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Grandpa must have been a chauvanist.

There’s tons of these vintage ad collections knocking about the web, but still its always quite funny to witness the type of messaging that used to make everyday people see an ad, absorb it, and be like “yeah that brands … Continue reading

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Chemical Brothers – best music video show reel?

Making a top 10 of anything music related is certainly always a hard task, just read Nick Hornby’s Hi Fidelity or watch the less good film adaptation if you want to know the struggles of creating a top 10 list. … Continue reading

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