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Self sufficient.

Story of Lloyd Khan who pretty much makes everything himself by hand. Certainly makes my grand plans for a herb pot seem relatively insignificant. This extract pretty much sums up his philosophy “You can still use your hands to build … Continue reading

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The future of head gear.

£300 air bag helmet called the Hovding. This is a pretty interesting concept; hide an air bag in a collar that kind of looks like a scarf, fills up every time you have an accident, convinced? me neither. The testing videos doesn’t … Continue reading

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Pan-Am city guides from the 70s.

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Last minutes with Oden.

Winner of the best video award at the first Vimeo awards. This film follows Oden (the dog) and his owner as they goes through Oden’s final moments on earth after battle with cancer. A real tear jerker.

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On the 8-track this morning.

The Black Angels – sounding somewhere between The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, this is perfect late night whiskey music for monday mornings. Cocaine on toast and two fried eggs please.

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Want a bite of mi Moose.

Made from over 771kg of milk chocolate, which is about 15,420 dairy milk bars, this giant chocolate sculpture stands proudly at Len Libby Candies in Maine, New England. Just before stress yourselves out in a guessing frenzy, yes the pond … Continue reading

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Bikes i likes.

Dario Pegoretti bikes. They’re expensive, they’re stunningly beautiful, they’re giving me criminal thoughts about how i acquire them.

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