Swindled by nostalgia.

I love wham bars. Everyday on the way back from school I’d pick up one these bad boys, so you can imagine my wide eyed enthusiasm when a vacating office member most kindly brings in a box full of old, sorry ‘retro’ penny sweets for everyone. Straight over i went to claim my wham bar sugar rush, and 10 years on they still taste bloody great.
But what slapped me in the face was the genius who sells these ‘retro’ penny sweet boxes for 35 quid! Have we forgotten their value? As a kid i literally used to come back with the same amount of sweets for 70p (note that this was generally around a quarter of the actual value, the old lady behind the counter used to give up counting after 30 so a little white lie would generally bag me 75% off. A crime most 8-12 year olds will commit at some point in their lives). So it got me thinking, is retro the buzz word for charging more than double the actual value?
Well it seems it does. You only need to look at the prices people pay for retro junk. As soon as retro goes in the title suddenly there’s a tsunami sized wave of memories that comes flooding back, and more often than not us, the former kids who grew up with these sweets or whatever childhood item it is, seem quite happy to pay any amount for a bit of chew time nostalgia. It’s not beyond my own stupid self to pay £6 for a box lucky charms cereal that actually cost about a dollar, I’ve done it several times. So £1 or whatever it equates to seems almost cheap for that 5 minutes of chewing, 20 minutes of picking out of your teeth enjoyment and memories a 10p wham bar brings. I quite fancy another.

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