On a shelf near you (probably).

Stuck Audioslave’s self titled debut on this morning for the first time in a long time. While the music rekindles memories of my late teens and still gives me the urge to get half my body tattooed, rob a mustang, get some whiskey, coke, loads of malboro reds, some levi 501s, sweet cowboy boots, and drive across death valley and the nevada desert at 100 miles per hour with one foot out the window and a cigarette hanging out my mouth, the appreciation of Storm Thorgerson’s album artwork brings me right back to my normal mid twenties self, working in an office, drinking herbal tea, and worrying every morning whether there’s going to be any bananas left in the fruit bowl by the time i come into work. Rock n roll man.

Still, got to love the iconic album artwork Storm Thorgerson has done in his time.

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