Good goal.

The Premier League starts again on Saturday so all things football are back on the agenda after yet another World Cup to forget for an English supporter. And in being back to the forefront of my interests I’ve since rediscovered Scoreline from my footballing bookmarks. Bookmarks which as of the beginning of July have been left to fight amongst themselves whilst i enjoyed a more optimistic world, without the needless emotional strains and mood fluctuations football brings. Well rest over, fantasy football team chosen, and an awesomely designed minimalist info graphic poster of all of Thierry Henry’s Arsenal goals ordered and in the post. Incredibly simple, £30 a pop, fuck! i wish I’d bloody thought of it. To the non Terry Henry fan they also do all the World Cup finals, Champs League finals since 1999 and got some other stuff on the way. Definitely worth a look in your in to that type of thing.

From top to bottom: Henry all Arsenal goals, 2010 WC Final, 99 CL Final, 1970 WC Final.

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