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I want this bike.

1979 Cinelli Supercorsa in dusty rose finish. Advertisements

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Vuelo Velo bikes.

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Something wonderfully odd about these.

by aussie artist Mark Alsweiler.

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To live and ride in LA.

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Swindled by nostalgia.

I love wham bars. Everyday on the way back from school I’d pick up one these bad boys, so you can imagine my wide eyed enthusiasm when a vacating office member most kindly brings in a box full of old, … Continue reading

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Look at me I’m sooo creative.

It’s happened, i have become the person i often chuckle about in my most favoured blog ever – stuff white people like (if you aren’t familiar with? read it, its pure genius). Yes! after 2 years in advertising i now … Continue reading

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Click to enlarge for extra confusion.

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