Sleep in a Dawg.

Dog Park Inn – The worlds largest Beagle, offering unique accommodation inside it’s 2 story body. This whimsical B+B offers two fantastic connected rooms in a one-of- kind wooden dog. Even the toilet is disguised as a fire hydrant!!

With the two big dogs signaling your arrival to Dog Bark Park visitors may walk the grounds, browse the gift shop and artists’ studio featuring the whimsical chainsaw artwork of husband and wife artists Dennis and Frances. Canine carvings are a specialty although visitors are apt to find fish, feline, bear, moose and Lewis & Clark themed carvings as well. At Dog Bark Park the artists enjoy sharing dog, travel and life stories as well as assisting visitors in planning their vacations.

Dennis J. Sullivan, a self-taught chainsaw artist, has been carving for over twenty years. Frances joined him fifteen years ago and has also learned chainsaw carving. Their “big break” came in 1995 when carvings were sold on QVC television. They did nothing but carve wooden dogs for 18 months (their children barely remember seeing them during those days!). They made what seemed like a bundle of money, invested it all in developing and building Dog Bark Park where visitors most likely will find them happily creating art until, like the pine they use, life returns them to the earth.

At Dog Bark Park they specialize in creating folk-art style wooden canine carvings. Dennis and Frances create over 60 different breeds and poses of dogs and often work from customer’s photos to create carvings in the likeness of their canine companions.

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