Right Here Right Now = mental teleportation to Arsenal’s glory days.

It’s been a quiet day with the exception of a 15 minute tropical storm that just happened to coincide exactly with the 15 minutes that I rode to work, and secondly the tactical yet wrongful decision to skip the free work lunch for a cheeky Nando’s. I’ve literally felt disgusting all afternoon, haunted by my lunchtime piggery. There’s nothing worse than after demolishing too much chicken to almost the point of nausea, to then have to spend the next 5 minutes (while your body works out exactly how its going to move since the additional weight) surrounded by the remnants of chicken carcasses. I WANT TO INJECT MYSELF WITH AN INNOCENT FRUIT SMOOTHIE! one says to oneself. And as with all quiet days you find any old crap to fill your day. And mine you ask? Well it started it off as making a play list of old songs and ended up with Right Here Right Now on repeat.


Well as an Arsenal fan there’s nothing I enjoy more than re-living the first half of the naughties. These were the days when players like Henry, Viera and Pires would destroy any opponent into submission by half time. These were also the days that we (the gooners) would run onto the Highbury pitch to sound of Fatboy Slim’s Right Here Right Now. Was Fatboy Slim our 13th man? (the 12th being the crowd of course! [ha ha cue jokes such as “the library” from non Arsenal fans] @£$%s). Mmmmmm well that might be giving a little too much credit to Mr Cook but regardless to if it was or not, it certainly takes me back to grabbing a Burger King at Kings Cross before munching on “two bags a sweets for one pand, any two ya like” as the man would put it, sitting in some area of the North Bank and watching Arsenal win! Two leagues, three FA cups, and Forty Nine unbeaten to the soundtrack of Right Here Right Now to be precise, not bad for an afternoon.

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