Funny/disturbing psycho girl clearly hates Russell Brand.

I don’t know why people acting like nutters is amusing but i guess sometimes it just is! Earlier i found this girl (Jessica) replying to one of Russell Brand’s twitpics. She clearly has a longing to be tucked up in bed with Katy Perry, or is one of Russell’s one nighters’ he promised he’d see again but didn’t. Her name or at least her twitter name states that she also shares the same surname as the delightful Katy P, however unprofessional opinion on the matter is that I’m pretty sure this may just be another element to her psychotic obsession.

I kissed a girl and i liked it clearly had a dramatic effect on Jessica. The fact that she posts everything several times just makes me think she’s posting from her laptop in the middle of some Katy Perry shrine whilst stabbing a life sized Russell voodoo doll with a spoon. Only problem is the voodoo doll keeps disappearing upstairs to her mums room driving her into an even deeper rage that just makes her TWEET TWEET TWEET. Poor Jessica.

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