Don’t believe the hype.

It’s not April 1st. If it was this may not have even happened with everyone’s Sherlock Holmes prankdar on full alert that day. But yet July 6th 2010 has been a day of a big hoax to all us gullible Internet frequenters.
This morning I came into work to find my inbox filled with talk of ‘back to the future day’. “The day that Marty McFly arrived in the future after hitting 88mph in a pimped out Delorean in 1985” as one email put it. Believe it? Of course I did as did thousands of others the net over. I even got myself embroiled in one of those snowballing office email threads, ballooning in size with each and everyone’s two pence (or cents depending on where you’re from) with what was right and wrong with the films prediction of the future that was July 6th 2010.………And then the news broke like an Englishman in a penalty shoot out. The sound of so called Internet wise cracks choking on their Albion almond croissants filtered round the office. FAKEEEEEEE! October 21st 2015 is the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future after hitting 88mph in a pimped out Delorean in 1985, not July 6th 2010.
What a fool I, and many others like me had been. Gobbling up, blogging, retweeting, and facebook statusing without any second of thought as to whether the information we were absorbing and spreading was true or not. And it wasn’t.
We’d scoffed down the latest Internet hype of the hour without actually once thinking is this bollocks? No we were too busy lapping it up like a pack hyenas with a buffalo carcass. Spreading it in every social network channel we were part of. We’d been fooled with Photoshop bollocks. One of those unsuspecting slaps in face that lets us know once in a while that not everything on the internet is true, but just how quickly we, people of the internet can push that big old viral button and spread other peoples stuff into millions of homes around the world, regardless of whether it is true.

A Lesson learned for now at least. Thanks Total Film!

The upside conversely is that there’s still 5 years to develop Marty’s hover board. NilsGuadagnin has made a pretty good start.

by the way congratulations to David Beckham on getting the England job.

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