Chemical Brothers – best music video show reel?

Making a top 10 of anything music related is certainly always a hard task, just read Nick Hornby’s Hi Fidelity or watch the less good film adaptation if you want to know the struggles of creating a top 10 list. Alternatively try make one yourself. No sooner have you worked out a top 10 in no particular order of course (that’s a dilemma for another day), does a different one pop into your head you’d completely forgotten about since you were 17 watching MTV2 at some daft hour high on dominoes pizza and messes the whole thing up, resulting in a screwed up piece of paper making its way ‘from downtown’ Kobe Bryant stylee into the bin for 3 points. And as since my top 10 music videos list is currently taking a sabbatical somewhere else, probably sunny, with a mango juice and vodka in its hand, European deep house reverberating in its ear…. However one thing I did notice in my list making activities was the re-occurrence of the Chemical Brothers videos sniffing in and around the top 10.
Works by Gondry, Oil Factory, and Ne-o amongst others all make up a pretty outstanding show reel of work on behalf of the Chemical Brothers for tracks such as – the boxer, salmon dance, hey boy hey girl, let forever be, and star guitar. I say on behalf as they probably had about as much to do with it as the little old lady serving tea on set (we’ll call her Doris cos they’re always a Doris). Just a shame then the latter director (Ne-o) seems to have gone and hid under a rock somewhere since 2007, as the video for The Boxer still remains one of the my most favored videos. In my right honorable opinion the video makes the song. A 1+1=3 combination which is exactly what a good music video does.

Here’s a couple of the Chemical Bros best.

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